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Lagos, Nigeria

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We are always looking
for great partners to support our vision

Individual Partner

Individual partners share our vision to promote economic empowerment and independence. We welcome your contributions. Every penny matter as a one-off or ongoing regular donations. We appreciate all members. You are truly making a difference to the local communities. Our seeds give on giving via engaging in robust and viable investments


  • Right tools in the right hand can make enormous difference

  • Support supply chain process to ensure healthy wage and independence

  • Sound exchange of values

Corporate Partners

As an organisation, you understand the global challenge of hardship requires a unique and tactful impact to make a difference. We welcome your philanthropic investment which is critical to innovative solutions. In return, we maintain a true transparent culture. We strategically ensure a streamlined and impactful partnership, irrespective of preferred operational involvement. We look forward to having your team onboard


  • Impactful partnership

  • Networking and collaborations

  • Designed signature initiatives in alignment with your organisational values

Keystone partner

Our keystone partners share our commitment to maximise technological advances and humanitarian actions to make key differences in individual's lives. These differences spans across generations via the liberation of minds, enhanced exposure and the reassurance of a solid support system


  • Preferred level of operational decisions

  • Donor intelligence

  • Systemic adjustment approach to impact

Empower Individuals. Transform Minds

Guava Giving

Donate Now  - It will go a long way