We create lasting empowerment & independence that spans across generations

Creating community partners - not mere beneficiaries. Guava Giving creates gifts that keep on giving


Our Partners

System practice Evaluation

Embrace the deep-seated complexities of social planning and systematic approach to unravel the sensitive resolution

Customer Re-discovery

Through effective communication from direct and indirect active partners - our beneficiaries

Insights and Review

Insights through Lean Data in a human-centered approach

Design. Test. Do. Repeat.

Sustainable and replicable programmes resulting in better results


Let’s build great things together

We encourage partnership donations - regardless of the amount. We value your contribution and welcome your passion, insights, solutions and recommendations. At Guava Giving, we know the seemingly small seed in a nurtured environment produces a significant tree. A tree which yields and bears much fruits. Fruits with so much seeds to exponentially freedom. Freedom of the mind, freedom to dream, freedom to experience. We welcome you on board on this journey with us



In Kind and Monetary



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Time to service delivery

Guava Giving - Social Enterprise For Nigeria

Be a part of difference you wish to see

At Guava Giving, we know it will take a drastic measure to make the change that is required globally. These changes run deeper than handouts, which has its place and makes a lot of difference when appropriated. However, what is required is a liberaiton. A settled sense of reassurance transforms minds. Our mission is not only to address  acute crisis but to navigate through the intricases of societal challenges and provide tools, through community partnership to tackle them.

We see a better Nigeria

Do you see it also? Are you with us? Are you ready? Then let's go!

Transparent and Accountable

Regular newsletter and review for our partners about initiatives, progress, challenges and solutions. We encourage all partners to contribute their know-how to foster growth and development to our mutual goals


Using technological advances and approach to combat limitations to our goals and mission. Guavaseed center is to train and mobilise the community in skills that encourages growth and technological advances

Human-Centered Approach

With the outbreak of COVID 19, we are more determined than ever to foster our energy into vulnerable communities. Practical skills and knowledge to transfer global lessons to reduce the spread of this (or any) threatening infection

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the process work?

    When you sign up to our services, you will receive a detailed e-brochure of our roadmap plan. You will be allocated a dedicated portal where you can stay abreast of our community projects.

    Your membership is fully-fledged when you complete your monetary contribution.

    In addition to fulfilling this life changing projects, we thank you with the following benefits

    You will also get the benefits of:

    • Financial Accountability 
    • Community of Masterminds
    • Mentoring
  • What Qualification Do I Need?

    We ask that you are over 18 years old to be part of this community. No other qualification is required. We invite you to join people with a heart to genuinely give back to those who are proven to make strides in making a difference in their own lives

  • How do I communicate with your team for further information?

    You may visit us at our office

    Our telephone number is free from your mobile phone - 0800 246 5605

    You may send us an email on contact@guavagiving.com

  • What if I want to be anonymous?

    If you believe in our project and what we are trying to achieve, we implore you to be part of our community.

    We welcome monetary donations and we are grateful for your generosity. Ideally, We will like your input in the decision making and we welcome all ideas to foster this project. 

    We respect your privacy if this is your priority and we are grateful for every donation we receive for this project

  • Is my data secure with you?

    Your data is 100% secure with Guava Giving. We prioritise the security and confidentiality of your personal information. We use industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect your information and provide a safe and secure environment for online donations.

    We will not sell, transfer, share or trade your personal information with any other organisation or individuals.  We will only share personal information if you have given us specific permission to do so.

Guava Giving

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